Saturday, June 18, 2011

How lucky could one girl be

I would like to pay tribute to my beautiful dad "Michael Angelo" who is resting with the angels. I only wish I could share his picture with this post, but my computer is not working quite right. I will follow up with a picture another time, just picture this handsome Italian man right out of the Rat Pack, what style he had.  This wonderful old world Italian man, he is and will always be the leader of our family. At 10 months old he lost his father to the mafia for a gambling debt. He never saw a picture of his dad, in those days they could not afford pictures. He had to grow up fast on the streets of Rome New York, helping as a young boy to support his family. He went off to world war II and  proudly fought for his country under General  George Pattons third Army finishing with metals of honor.  He worked in construction after making his way to California, he helped build disneyland. He decided that he needed a new career, he put himself through hair dressing school, the ladies really swooned over that handsome Italian man. He opened up his first beauty salon "The Untouchables" in Old town Orange, Ca, then went on to open his second hair salon in Garden Grove called "Michael Angelos" where he met my mom. The first time he laid eyes on her she walked in to his salon wearing a yellow linen dress, he told his operator that she was the woman that he was going to marry, they hadn't even spoken yet, 48 years later what an incredible love story. His last words spoken on this earth were to her when he told her "I will love you forever". That man was and will always be the best dad on earth, you wanted to make that man proud. Oh how lucky how lucky could one daughter be. My dad lived life to the fullest, when you hear Frank Sinatra's song "I did It My Way", you think of Michael Angelo because he did. That man loved his family more then anything, he loved his career, he golfed every week, he cooked and ate beautiful Italian food, he swore by garlic and olive oil for his health. During my dads last days I asked him if he was scared, and he told me he wasn't because he was going to see his dads face for the first time. He told me that he loved his life, he was tired and ready to rest with the angels. Happy fathers day my lovely dad, you inspire me everyday. My heart is with you always. See you in heaven.
Your baby